Our Hotel organise various type of excursions. The excursions starts with the minimum of two people. From these excursions you should find the one which fits you the most, and which type you ike the most. For example you can lay down and relax on a snadbank island while drinking coconut water, or go to an adventures trip and swim amongst the breathtaking Manta ray and creatures of the ocean.

Manta Ray Tour

One of the most beautiful and friendly sea creature. Swim with them, take a selfie or watch them dance.


Sandbank Island

Sandbank is the most wonderful place to get relaxed and snorkel around the beautiful house reef. 

Including fruits and drink.


Snorkeling safari

Specially for all the travelers who loves to explore different reefs and locations with a guide.



Picnic Island



Explore the wonderful picnic islands in this Atoll.  Including fruits and drink.


Fishing Trip

Fishing is an atr that Maldivians have mastered for centuries. Reef fishing mainly concentrates on high value fishes such as groupers, jacks, snappers and green job fish.




Sunset Dinner



What can be better than spectacular views and good food? Enjoy the melodic sounds of the waves, the sight of golden rays in the horizon, feel of sand on your feet and the taste of delicious food specially prepared for you.



Dolphin Safari

A well-known dolphin sighting spot. „Maavaru Thila” is just 10 minutes away from the island and gives you a chance to withness dolphins in their daily marine life  adventures. Unlike other mammals, dolphins are frendly and leaves anyone watching with a feeling of awe.





Resort Island Trip



Trips to nearby resorts will give you the opportunity to enjoy alcoholic beverages and pork. These items will not be served in local islands as it is prohibited by law. The chance to explore yet another beautiful Maldivian island is an added bonus.